Working with Norwegians: The insider’s guide to the Norwegian workplace culture

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Would you play chess or poker without learning the rules of the game first? Dealing with Norwegians without understanding the Norwegian way may be quite like playing chess or poker without knowing the rules. Norwegian workplaces are driven by a set of rules which are very different from those in other western cultures, leading to confusion and misunderstandings.

Working with Norwegians explains in a clear and accessible way why they think and act as they do and what they expect. The book engages the readers in reflection upon social norms and values and what is considered acceptable behaviour in Norway. The chapters have tests to measure the cultural understanding and there is a section of real life exercises with solutions and explanations.

This is the guide to understanding Norwegians in the workplace and their social life which will make you a more informed and confident colleague, business partner and friend. With enhanced awareness and confidence you should be more relaxed, have fun, and focus on building lasting, rewarding relationships.

This guide should also be of interest to Norwegian readers who want to learn what members of other cultures sometimes find hard to deal with in their workplaces and social life.

This book is also available in Norwegian with the title Kunsten å arbeide med nordmenn.

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8 reviews for Working with Norwegians: The insider’s guide to the Norwegian workplace culture

  1. Norwegian Learner

    This book shows the true concept of Norwegian lifestyleThis book has helped me a lot to understand better the Norwegian way of thinking. I’ve been studying Norwegian language and culture for almost a year now, also I have a professional interest in Norwegian and in Scandinavian literature in general. Some things appeared unclear to me while working with it. Those unexpected cultural traits and things about mentality that seemed distant and difficult to comprehend have been explained perfectly in this book. Besides that, I got to understand my friends from Norway better.The most valuable here are the exercises and practical tips on how to act in different social situations and how to deal with work issues – all in real-life examples. Advice on learning language and links to particular sources has been very helpful too. Overall, the book raises my awareness about the “mysterious Norway” and the true concept of Norwegian lifestyle and working culture.“Working with Norwegians” is truly an insider’s guide, written in a very clear, crisp and appropriate manner. It inspires not only to collaborate with Norwegians on a completely new quality level but to get to know them better in person (however only those who would allow that).There isn’t much literature on the topic and none of it is written by Norwegians themselves. So this book would be especially useful for those who feel they need a solid and reliable source to Norway’s life. It might be interesting for Norwegians too – the author here compares different points of view on how they are seen by foreigners and what they have to consider when dealing with outsiders. That’s why this book works both ways.

  2. David Macintosh

    Useful and honestI found this useful and I have lived and worked in Norway for a decade. It reads like course material but has enough detail to engage and the explanations for the behaviours ring true. It is also open about the less appealing behaviours of a some Norwegians and why they occur. There’s a few small grammatical errors in the text, but on the whole it’s well written and readable.

  3. Gustavo

    …very interesting for people like me moving to Norway!– many resources for newcomers to Norway- advice based on experience- practical tips on how to understand and take the most of the Norwegian culture

  4. Anna Stover

    I loved this book so much I bought 3 copiesI loved this book so much I bought 3 copies. It is so helpful in understanding our colleagues in Norway and being able to work effectively with them

  5. Amazon Customer

    This is a really useful book with a lot of examples from real-life situationsThis is a really useful book with a lot of examples from real-life situations. As someone who studied Norwegian language and Scandinavian studies, worked with Norwegians and been in Norway for longer periods several times, I felt I had a lot of experience and knowledge about Norway, but I still found the book rich with both new information and deeper explanations of things I knew, so it is great for people who are already living in Norway or are familiar with the culture, as well as for “new beginners”.


    Provides deeper awarness about Norwegians work culture.This book was an eye opener about Norwegians work culture. Thoroughly enjoyed reading the book and I am confident that I would be able to put this information into use while working with Norwegian teams.

  7. Manuel Navarro

    A must read for non-Norwegians working with NorwegiansI wish I could have had this book when I first moved to Norway…It shows all the situations I have been through! And some more! Very valuable information.

  8. Carlos

    real-life examples which I could relate to and a great collection of tips and practical adviceFinally a book about the Norwegian workplace culture!The book is an insightful guide to working with Norwegians. Having lived and worked in Norway for 6 years I still had quite a few things to learn from this book. It has eye opening perspectives, real-life examples which I could relate to and a great collection of tips and practical advice. You could save yourself a lot of frustration by reading this book!

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