The Quisling Factor

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Treason. Espionage. Revenge. In the aftermath of WWII, ex-intelligence agent Tore Haugland tries to adjust to life in his newly freed country with the woman he loves. But he still has to testify against a Norwegian traitor — one of the monsters of the German occupation — whom he helped to capture. When mysterious notes threaten Haugland and his family, he must choose between protecting them or bringing to justice the man who tortured him and destroyed the village that hid him. Challenged by injuries and recurring nightmares, he will have to rely on his former training and old Resistance friends to rescue his wife from the traitor who will do anything to keep Haugland from testifying.

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10 reviews for The Quisling Factor

  1. Chris Meloni

    Norway’s Trauma Following the Five-Year Nazi Occupation in WWIIJ.L. Oakley ‘s brilliant historical novel, The Jossing Affair, focused on the suffering of Norway during the five years of occupation by the Nazis in WWII. The Quisling Factor is her equally engrossing sequel that focuses on the trauma of the occupation’s aftermath. Many Norwegians were considered quislings, or traitors, and were put on trial for war crimes. The best-known trial was that of Henry Oliver Rinnan and his followers. Not only is this book important for what it contributes to history but also for its breathtaking storyline and well-developed characters that make it a gripping page-turner.

  2. tayolson

    Norway’s WWII aftermathThis book, as a sequel to The Jøssing Affair, is an exciting mystery thriller full of twists and turns. It is also full of authentic facts of the age – the last detail extremely well researched. I would never have learned about TelevÃ¥g or Henry Oliver Rinnan without this book. Although the setting Fjellstad is not real, there are many settings in this book that have been thoroughly researched. Several of the characters (Tore, Anna, Lisel and Nils) became my friends and I want to know what happens to them in a sequel that I’m hoping Janet will write. Our Daughters of Norway Lodge, Nellie Gerdrum #41, just recently used this historical novel as their January Book Club pick. Bravo J L Oakley. Highly recommended to all that want to know more about Norway’s part in WWII and its aftermath.

  3. Leslie B

    Norway getting to “normal.”This sequel to Jossling story was well researched. I liked the author’s use of descriptive language throughout the book! Gave me a better understanding of the aftermath of NAzi occupation activities in Norway.Important and serious stuff.

  4. Lita Breiwick

    Exciting historical novel of Norway, post WWIIThe Quisling Factor is an exciting, well-researched page-turner. I can vouch for the authenticity, because my parents lived in Norway during the Nazi occupation, and the book brought back a lot of memories of the stories I grew up on. It exposes a time in Norway that the average person is not aware of.

  5. Judith P. Larson

    WW11 in NorwayExperience of WW11 people in. Norway. War and people’s life

  6. Kindle Customer

    Must readOn point with both The Quizling Factor and her second book Jossing Affair. Could not put it down, engrossing, discriptive

  7. Douglas L. Madsen

    Engaging sequel to The Jøssing AffairI found myself wanting more after finishing The Jøssing (Patriot’s) Affair, a historic fiction novel about the Norwegian Resistance during the Nazi occupation of WWII. While the Quisling Factor is a continuation in the timeline from The Jøssing Affair, it is not necessary to read that book first. I was on the edge of my seat while reading this book, finding it very difficult to put down between reading sessions. Hopefully, Ms. Oakley will continue writing about Jens (Tore) and Anna. This book as well as its predecessor would be excellent adapted as a miniseries.

  8. Eivind Clausen

    The Quisling Factor is a really good book, based on actual events and people. I learned a lot.The book very much matches history, what happened in that part of Norway during the war.The suffering the people endured was terrible, and the cruelty by the occupiers as well as Norwegian collaborators.It was a very difficult time, like all wars.

  9. Thalia

    Excellent readI thoroughly enjoyed this book. It kept you wondering what would happen next. I found it exciting and it alsogave me insight into the war taking place in the Northern Hemisphere. Well worth reading.

  10. Julie H. Ferguson

    Superb SequelThe Quisling Factor is the post-WW2 sequel to the award-winning novel, The Jossing Affair. Both are based on true events in Norway and the Nazi occupation of a fiercely independent nation which the Norwegian Resistance is constantly attacking. The problem to be overcome in both books are the collaborators, quislings.The key characters are well-drawn and believable, and the protagonist is the same in both. The plot and pace are tense and fast-paced which results in a very gripping read. I could not put the book down and read late into the night to finish it.Highly recommended for readers who love military historical fiction.

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