Norwegian : The Ultimate Beginners Learning Guide: Master The Fundamentals Of The Norwegian Language (Learn Norwegian, Norwegian

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Are You Looking For A Good Beginners Guide To Learn Norwegian?

Do You Have Norwegian Roots?  Do You Want to Visit Norway?

The reality is that if YOU Know Norwegian it will make your trip and experience in Norway 10 times better.  People love to hear foreigners speak their local language and Norwegian is no different.  People will open up and smile more if you can speak a little bit of this beautiful and rare language.  Norway is a beautiful area that is often overlooked beyond Oslo, Norway has a majestic and stunning landscape and a fascinating Viking history.

I am a very proud Norwegian who loves Norway and the Norwegian Language and want to make sure that this language is learned by as many people as possible.  I am a Norwegian Linguist with various Higher Education Degrees in Norwegian and I spent most of my life studying and teaching the language.  I have worked with hundreds of happy foreign students in the last 15 years. My experience has helped me figure out what is the BEST way to learn this very difficult language.  This is why I have laid out my life’s work in teaching Norwegian to foreign students to create a simple and understandable book that will help someone learn the basics of Norwegian in the fastest time possible.  Norwegian is an extremely hard language that’s why a simple and well thought out guide is the best way to learn Norwegian. ↓↓↓↓


If YOUR ready to learn Norwegian NOW! Scroll up, grab this book, and take the first steps to get the most out of YOUR Norwegian Experience!

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8 reviews for Norwegian : The Ultimate Beginners Learning Guide: Master The Fundamentals Of The Norwegian Language (Learn Norwegian, Norwegian

  1. Chris C.

    Decent For What It IsThere are certainly more detailed grammar references for Norwegian, but for the intent of this book, I’d say it is about right in its coverage. What you get is a brief overview of basic Norwegian grammar along with a vocabulary list and a few common phrases.The grammar is explained well enough, but is more or less a summary–don’t expect a lot of depth, although to be fair, I’d doubt that was the intention. What I see this book being used for is a supplement to a “regular” language learning text. It will fill in explanation that are almost always lacking in modern language-learning courses. This book will explain the grammar patterns and give you an example of each grammar point. If the language book you are using is grammar oriented (most are NOT these days), you probably won’t need this book. Otherwise this book will come in handy.But again, if you already know a bit of Norwegian and you are looking for a grammar reference, there are much more comprehensive and in depth choices. This book is for beginners, which is great because there are very few grammar books for beginners in the language learning world today. For some reason modern language learning “experts” think that keeping the student in the dark is a good thing. I guess it’s great if all you want to be able to do is parrot a few canned phrases. But if you really want to learn a language, get a book like this to accompany your regular book.On the down side, there are some rough edges on the editing–little sloppy at times. The worst offender is at the beginning of the vocabulary list, when out of a clear blue sky it says something like, “Here is a list of the Turkish alphabet and sounds.” Oops!

  2. Kip Krenz

    Amazing guide!I love it and suggest it. I’m impressed by this book and following step by step. I think that’s the best guide. This book is for the worthy reveal. This book inspires me to continue.

  3. Jennifer

    Not what I expected….not my kind of learningEhhhh I thought it would be better

  4. El Gocho

    Good guide for getting introduced to NorwegianI am not through it yet, but I am happy with it so far. It has helped me understand the sounds and pick up the intro stuff that I was unfamiliar with. Looks good and reads well on both Kindle Paperwhite and the Kindle app on the iPad.

  5. Gwen K.

    Extremely simplisticI have studied Norwegian on Duolingo for about a year, so I thought I’d check out this book to check my understanding of Norwegian grammar (since Duolingo isn’t so great about that). This has plenty of conjugation and declension tables and lists different classes of verbs but is not very useful beyond that. It lacks explanations of basic concepts of Norwegian usage (e.g., when do you use “pÃ¥” and when do you use “i” if they’re both translated the same way at times, what’s the difference between different ways of stating possessives (boka mi vs. min bok), etc.). I suppose if you want to learn to read very simple texts in Norwegian with a dictionary at hand this might be useful.

  6. Kyle

    Could be amazing for other peopleCould possibly be fantastic for people that are more familiar with learning new languages. Unfortunately, I am not : (

  7. Martin Beddis

    new job rolegreat for new job role

  8. Melissa Nowlan

    Simple and easy to understandLove this book very easy to understand and very clear

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