Norwegian-English Dictionary: A Pronouncing and Translating Dictionary of Modern Norwegian (Bokmal and Nynorsk)

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For more than forty years, the Haugen Norwegian–English Dictionary has been regarded as the foremost resource for both learners and professionals using English and Norwegian. With more than 60,000 entries, it is esteemed for its breadth, its copious grammatical detail, and its rich idiomatic examples. In his introduction, Einar Haugen, a revered scholar and teacher of Norwegian to English speakers, provides a concise overview of the history of the language, presents the pronunciation of contemporary Norwegian, and introduces basic grammatical structures, including the inflection of nouns and adjectives and the declension of verbs.

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10 reviews for Norwegian-English Dictionary: A Pronouncing and Translating Dictionary of Modern Norwegian (Bokmal and Nynorsk)

  1. T. L. Adams

    Great academic dictionary!This is a great dictionary for academic use. I am a beginner in Norwegian language study and have tried several different dictionaries and language study approaches. First, for those who are giving negative reviews, never expect a dictionary to teach you a language. The dictionary should be used in conjunction with lessons of some kind. Also, don’t skip reading the front section of the dictionary, which makes it much easier to use. We are planning a trip to Norway and wanted to be at least somewhat familiar with the language. I am also a classical singer who loves Grieg’s music. Translations of his German pieces are easy to find, but translations of the Norwegian songs are rare. I have found this dictionary to be the most useful resource in translating the late 19th century poetry Grieg used for his songs. This dictionary has both the Bokmal and Nynorsk definitions, as well as cross references to other root words. I have other dictionaries that are strictly contemporary word usage, but this one has it all. This is the most comprehensive Norwegian/English dictionary that I am aware of. Unlike most foreign translation tools, it doesn’t divide the dictionary into two sections so you can look up a word in either language. This would make it harder to use of you need to translate from English to Norwegian. But if your goal is to translate from Norwegian to English, this dictionary has more entries and more information in each entry. It has been a lifesaver in my academic pursuits. The only thing I find a little lacking is the IPA pronunciation index in the front of the dictionary. I know they needed to conserve space, but it is a little lacking. That said, there are plenty of other resources to learn correct pronunciation. This dictionary is a treasury of definitions.

  2. Cheryl Sharpe

    Thorough, but hard to readI knew when I bought this that it was one way (Norwegian to English only). As a dictionary of this type, it is certainly good. The problem is that the print is relatively difficult to read because it is small, light, and somewhat uneven. Because of its size, it’s not a good travel dictionary (there are others that are much smaller, easier to read, and sufficient for travel), but it doesn’t appear that the dictionary was meant to be used that way.

  3. Jeremiah

    Good, comprehensive dictionary, but it’s only Norwegian-English!I realize that that’s what it says on the cover and that I knew just what I was getting into when I placed my order, but in case it’s not clear to you for whatever reason (it wasn’t for me): this dictionary can only be used to find the English meanings of Norwegian words. If you’re looking for the right Norwegian word for an English term, I’m afraid you’re still stuck with Google Translate. You can fumble your way around this dictionary and hope you find the word for the thing you’re trying to say, but don’t expect to use it much as a reference if you’re trying to learn to speak Norwegian.

  4. North valley bridge

    The Real DealIf you want comprehensive coverage and expansive info; this is the essential choice. Norwegian to English only. I use and rely on it for my genealogic work..

  5. Anne Whitlock

    Norwegian English DictionaryGood points: This is a very thorough dictionary. I can usually find whatever I’m looking for. All the parts of speech are included, andall the different meanings of a word and idioms and phrases with the word in it. It’s helpful to have irregular past tense and past participles listed, since the parts of the verbs often change spelling.Bad points: However, it’s not easy to use. The print is so small that I almost need a magnifying glass. Also, I don’t know Norwegian enough to made the distinction between BokmÃ¥l and Nynorsk. Often I can’t find the definition of a word right away. Instead, I’m directed to look up a different word in the other dialect. So it takes a long time to find the definition.

  6. Jessica

    I am finding this to be an excellent dictionary with everything that I needSo far, I am finding this to be an excellent dictionary with everything that I need. My only complaint is that the print is so very tiny. I strain to find the definition that I’m looking for, because it is so small and cramped. Still, it is very comprehensive, and I think it is a good resource for beginners, despite what some other reviewers have said. They may want to have other dictionaries on hand too, however.

  7. Jenny Laskarzewski

    Norsk Engelsk Ordbok (Norwegian English Dictionary)This is a very good, standard reference dictionary for anyone to keep at home. It is the first dictionary in any language to include both forms of Norwegian language, Bokmål (Riksmål, Dano-Norwegian) and Nynorsk (Landsmål, New Norwegian) in one alphabet, and the first Norwegian-English dictionary to include Nynorsk. It is the first Norwegian-English dictionary to give the pronunciation of the Norwegian words. It is the first such dictionary to label areas of usage and to include quotations from Norwegian authors. Some of the useful features in this dictionary include more than 60,000 entries and English equivalents, copious of grammatical information, phonemic transcriptions, extensive coverage and explanation of Norwegian idioms and word usage, common abbreviations, place names, proper names and cultural references. It also provides the historical background of Norwegian which one must read to understand the differences between Bokmål and Nynorsk.So, while there are probably better Norwegian English Dictionary out there, this is a good choice for any one-volume resource. Recommended.

  8. cottage girl

    One-way dictionaryI should never have bought it. Gave up on the language shortly after I received it. Just not for me.

  9. Frank D. Smith

    Great for beginners, travelers and even those fluent in NorwegianThis is a Norwegian dictionary that translates into English only. It is a great dictionary for an English speaking person who is trying to learn Norwegian. The pronunciation guide is easy if you have a basic understanding of Norwegian vowel pronunciationMost beginners are taught “Bokmal” Norwegian and most dictionaries and other learning sources only present the “Bokmal” version of Norwegian.However, about 40% of Norwegians still speak “Nynorsk”. This dictionary gives the definitions and spellings for Norwegian words used in BOTH the “Nynorsk” and also the “Bokmal” versions of Norwegian. This 500 page dictionary in paperback can be easily carried in a purse, backpack or brief case.

  10. Anna Haag

    Great GiftI bought this for my dad for Christmas since he’s Norwegian and he loves this dictionary!!

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